Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Job Fair!

   My horoscope said the conversations I have today are going to be business directed and that I would make some great contacts. I always wonder how they get those things right every time. ..

   So the Art Institute hosted a job fair today which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm truly hoping that in a years time I will be living in the city. I've decided to start looking for jobs in the city now. With resumes in hand, I set out to hopefully obtain some new prospects today. There were plenty of different opportunities to choose from. Representatives from Sunglasses Hut, Victoria's Secret, Loft, and Aerosoles were in attendance. With fingers crossed, I confidently approached all of them and introduced myself. There was also someone there who hires for the gifts shops at the Philadelphia Zoo and the Franklin Institute, which distracted me a little because I just adore the Franklin Institute. However, I would really like a job in a clothing store because that's where I have the most experience.

   It's only been a few hours since the job fair and I already have an interview with Loft on Friday! I'm so excited and I really hope I do well at the interview. Hopefully there's some more opportunities  just in case, coming my way!

...and of course my ootd:

(keeping it classy, always)

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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