Friday, March 1, 2013

Bad Luck Bikinis

   So, I have a wonderful vacay planned for the end of this month. My mom and I are gonna stay in Orlando with some family members then we're gonna hit Miami for a couple days. It's exactly what I need after another stressful quarter at the Art Institute. Between countless projects, concept boards, and presentations, it's definitely time for the beach! Which obviously means, new bathing suits! I love love LOVE bathing suit shopping because summer is my favorite season, and I love an excuse to wear less clothing in the summer heat.
   I recently just opened up a Victoria Secret Angel Card, so that's the first place I started. There wasn't too many options in store, so I tried online the next morning. Now I love shopping, clothes, and new shiny things....but it's rare that I find an item that I know for fact I can't live without. Like somehow my life is not complete without that one thing. Well, as rare of an occasion that is, I absolutely needed to have this bathing suit top:
Tie Dye Bikini - Flounce Crop Top - PINK - Victoria's Secret
   I know, super super cute right?! Well I just HAD to have it. So I immediately snagged an XS and put it in my cart. Now Victoria's Secret was running a few promotions that day that I wanted to take advantage of. There was a 20% of an item coupon (which I was going to use towards the bikini top) then they were also offering a free swim bag with a $50 purchase that included a swim item. So I shopped around a little so I could reach the $50. I returned to my cart to checkout to discover that the bikini top that I loved ever so much, was gone! I was like what the hell?! I went back to find it again so I could out it back in my cart, but it was no longer available in sizes XS-XL, they were all gone! Every single one! Well that just won't do.
   I grabbed my cell and dialed the customer service hotline. "I'm so sorry, however we cannot hold items in shopping carts. You should've shopped by phone then I could've held it for you." Like I'm supposed to magically know that! Oh I was more than pissed I was fuming. How dare they take my item away from me! It's basically like me shopping in the store and an associate taking the item out of my hands! They said they can't do anything, I call that bullshit. So a couple angry/threatening emails later here I am sharing the experience via Internet. They've done nothing, and refuse to do anything. However they consider me a "valued customer" and they feel "its an honor and privilege" that I choose Victoria's Secret to shop with. Well consider that privilege taken away, because I don't do business with people who treat customers this way.
   Don't think that it stops there...because it doesn't. So I ordered a few sale bikini tops from the target online site. Three, to be exact. I received my package yesterday, and there was only two. It was missing my favorite one...
Xhilaration® Juniors Push Up Swim Top - Pink/White Polka-Dot Print 
I checked my email to see if there was anything from Target and there was one from two days ago. The email was to let me know that one of my items has been canceled because it sold out. So I checked my bank statement, and I was only charged for the two which is good. However, I don't understand how I can get all the way to checkout with this item, then in sells out, and I get an email two days ago? I should've never been able to checkout with this item if it wasn't available! They make me believe that this item is mine, but it's not!
   Sheesh, talk about bad luck right?! Well I think I give up online shopping for awhile, it more hassle than its worth.
Back to the racks to score some cute Miami clothes :)
xoxo Angelique

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Loft Interview/ Creative Illumination

    Well, I had my interview at Loft on Friday afternoon, and I think it went well. I interviewed with the Assistant Manager, so now I have to meet with the Manager this upcoming Tuesday morning. I like the environment very much at Loft. In comparison to the craziness of my current job, it's very relaxed. However, I can't say this for sure because I haven't seen Loft during a rush. I hope I get the opportunity to experience it though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for good news. At the end of my interview, I had to put together an ensemble suitable for a Sunday brunch, that was so much fun. Loft has so many great spring colors and patterns, I put together the outfit in no time and it was perfect!
here's the actual outfit (thanks to

(with the denim shirt unbuttoned obviously!)
Well my interviewer seemed to really like the outfit, so hopefully I can impress the manager too! If I get this job I'll be one step closer to the ultimate goal which is moving the city!
Also, I'd like to add one more thing to this post....
    A few months ago the Art Institute hosted a guest speaker and his name is Seth Friedermann, a stylist and founder of It's a great fashion news and commentary site. I recently connected with him in the hopes of getting involved with his company, such as an internship or something along those lines. He's starting a new project called Creative Illumination which is a site for creative people to get advice from top people in their industry. I really think this is a great idea, and I am so looking forward to seeing the new site when it is up and running.
Here is video of Seth explaining it much better than I can:

So if you like the idea just as much as I do and would like to contribute just follow this link:
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Angelique

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Job Fair!

   My horoscope said the conversations I have today are going to be business directed and that I would make some great contacts. I always wonder how they get those things right every time. ..

   So the Art Institute hosted a job fair today which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm truly hoping that in a years time I will be living in the city. I've decided to start looking for jobs in the city now. With resumes in hand, I set out to hopefully obtain some new prospects today. There were plenty of different opportunities to choose from. Representatives from Sunglasses Hut, Victoria's Secret, Loft, and Aerosoles were in attendance. With fingers crossed, I confidently approached all of them and introduced myself. There was also someone there who hires for the gifts shops at the Philadelphia Zoo and the Franklin Institute, which distracted me a little because I just adore the Franklin Institute. However, I would really like a job in a clothing store because that's where I have the most experience.

   It's only been a few hours since the job fair and I already have an interview with Loft on Friday! I'm so excited and I really hope I do well at the interview. Hopefully there's some more opportunities  just in case, coming my way!

...and of course my ootd:

(keeping it classy, always)

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Look what I did!

   So this blog isn't a diy blog, just because I don't have much time between school, work, and my social life to try a ton of diy projects. Although I have a whole favorites folder with a so many things I want to try, who knows if I'll actually get to them. 

   With that said, I've been dying to do something with an old pair of hollister jeggings. The color had faded tremendously and they looked super old. So I decided that I would do something easy and just bleach them. However I really didn't want another pair of white jeans. 
May I present the new and improved, cream hollister jeans:

(super cute right!?)

   I'm so in love with the final product I just had to share! Here's what I did:

  -I started by filling the bath tub with hot water and a half a gallon of bleach. I bleached jeans before when I was younger with my mom, and if I remember correctly, the color began to change right away. That wasn't the case this time...

(the bath tub phase)

   -They just did not want fade, at all whatsoever. I left them in there while I went out and did errands. I also picked up some more bleach just in case. I came home, and still nothing. So then I poured in the entire bottle of bleach...still nothing.

   -I was like what the hell is going on!? So I was going to admit defeat about three hours later, but my mother and I decided to move them from the bath tub to a bucket. We scooped out the bleach with a cup and filled the bucket and tossed the jeans.

   -I came to check on them a little while later and low and behold! Finally they looked a little lighter. So I left them in there for the rest of the day (This process started around 12 pm). I checked on them around 10 pm and they were this beautiful cream color and I was overjoyed!

   -I took them out and empty the bucket and rinsed it a few times and filled it with water. I also put some fabric softener in to help get rid of the smell of bleach and left them in overnight.

   -They were washed and hung-dried the next day, thus the final product was created!

(voila! I can't wait til summer and sandals in these babies!)

Keep it trendy guys!
xoxo Angelique.

So for Starters...

Well hello,
     Recently I've decided to start a blog. I'm young, I love to write, and I'm chop-full of experiences. So why not share with the world. My name is Angelique Colon. I am twenty years old and I'm from a small south jersey town. Recently I've decided that it was time to stop fooling around and get my life on track. So I traded in the college party lifestyle for a new trendy, fashion forward one. I closed my eyes and waved goodbye to my sorority sisters and my roommates and transferred to the Art Institute of Philadelphia last fall. Oh the trials and tribulations of being a young fashion student, first and foremost: you need to have your best foot forward always! You just never know who you're going to meet which brings me to my next point. Connections, connections, connections! Networking, networking, networking! It's exhausting! But it is so worth it. I must admit that a small part of me wanted to hate my new life so that I could go back to my old school and my sisters. But I can't, because I love it. I absolutely adore everything about, maybe not the whole getting up at 5:30 in the morning, however I'll deal. I've always loved fashion, and some part of me always knew that's what I wanted for me. I was so scared though. I know how hard it is to get a job in the industry, so I applied to "safer" schools with "safer" majors. Of course I loved Rowan University, but when summer came along, I couldn't keep the thoughts out of my head. I realized that I might be making a huge mistake if I don't go after my dream. A couple phone calls and meetings later, the journey began. 

    Here it is, the beginning of, hopefully, something wonderful. The new, improved, and most certainly, enlightened, life of mine.


(this is me by the way!)