Monday, February 11, 2013

So for Starters...

Well hello,
     Recently I've decided to start a blog. I'm young, I love to write, and I'm chop-full of experiences. So why not share with the world. My name is Angelique Colon. I am twenty years old and I'm from a small south jersey town. Recently I've decided that it was time to stop fooling around and get my life on track. So I traded in the college party lifestyle for a new trendy, fashion forward one. I closed my eyes and waved goodbye to my sorority sisters and my roommates and transferred to the Art Institute of Philadelphia last fall. Oh the trials and tribulations of being a young fashion student, first and foremost: you need to have your best foot forward always! You just never know who you're going to meet which brings me to my next point. Connections, connections, connections! Networking, networking, networking! It's exhausting! But it is so worth it. I must admit that a small part of me wanted to hate my new life so that I could go back to my old school and my sisters. But I can't, because I love it. I absolutely adore everything about, maybe not the whole getting up at 5:30 in the morning, however I'll deal. I've always loved fashion, and some part of me always knew that's what I wanted for me. I was so scared though. I know how hard it is to get a job in the industry, so I applied to "safer" schools with "safer" majors. Of course I loved Rowan University, but when summer came along, I couldn't keep the thoughts out of my head. I realized that I might be making a huge mistake if I don't go after my dream. A couple phone calls and meetings later, the journey began. 

    Here it is, the beginning of, hopefully, something wonderful. The new, improved, and most certainly, enlightened, life of mine.


(this is me by the way!)

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