Monday, February 11, 2013

Look what I did!

   So this blog isn't a diy blog, just because I don't have much time between school, work, and my social life to try a ton of diy projects. Although I have a whole favorites folder with a so many things I want to try, who knows if I'll actually get to them. 

   With that said, I've been dying to do something with an old pair of hollister jeggings. The color had faded tremendously and they looked super old. So I decided that I would do something easy and just bleach them. However I really didn't want another pair of white jeans. 
May I present the new and improved, cream hollister jeans:

(super cute right!?)

   I'm so in love with the final product I just had to share! Here's what I did:

  -I started by filling the bath tub with hot water and a half a gallon of bleach. I bleached jeans before when I was younger with my mom, and if I remember correctly, the color began to change right away. That wasn't the case this time...

(the bath tub phase)

   -They just did not want fade, at all whatsoever. I left them in there while I went out and did errands. I also picked up some more bleach just in case. I came home, and still nothing. So then I poured in the entire bottle of bleach...still nothing.

   -I was like what the hell is going on!? So I was going to admit defeat about three hours later, but my mother and I decided to move them from the bath tub to a bucket. We scooped out the bleach with a cup and filled the bucket and tossed the jeans.

   -I came to check on them a little while later and low and behold! Finally they looked a little lighter. So I left them in there for the rest of the day (This process started around 12 pm). I checked on them around 10 pm and they were this beautiful cream color and I was overjoyed!

   -I took them out and empty the bucket and rinsed it a few times and filled it with water. I also put some fabric softener in to help get rid of the smell of bleach and left them in overnight.

   -They were washed and hung-dried the next day, thus the final product was created!

(voila! I can't wait til summer and sandals in these babies!)

Keep it trendy guys!
xoxo Angelique.

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